Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Piggy Banks!

My first graders learn the coins and how to count money.  Last year a first grade teacher asked me if I could do a project to coincide with their lesson.

This year I did a craypa/painting project for one side of the piggy bank, last year I did a collage project.  It can really be done a variety of ways.
The first class the students did wrote their name in the middle of the 9 x 12 paper in craypa, then created a design around their name.  They painted with tempera cakes over the entire paper.
Class #2 the students traced the piggy bank tracer and cut out a piggy with their name on it.

Then they flip the pig over, cut out coins adding up to $1 and glue them in their bank.
I made a checklist so that the students can check off what they have cut out and glued as they go.
Below is a photo of the handout I use.  I created my handout based on the coin copies the teachers use in class so the students could see the coins represented the same way they do during math.

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