Friday, September 17, 2010


These projects focused on observational and contour drawing.  All of the classes did a number of practice drawings first.
The other focus was analogous colors.  I love teaching about analogous colors in the fall because the fall leaf colors are great examples.  The students painted washes of analogous fall color combinations and learned about tertiary colors (yellow-green, yellow-orange, etc).  They did their final drawings over the dry painted papers and traced in pen or thin sharpie.  The students added color to the leaves with colored pencils as the final touch.
I also had access to leaf texture tiles that they could use for rubbings.  The students added on another element to their pictures by rubbing the tiles with black chunk crayons consciously rather than randomly.

These pictures are a slight variation I did with the third graders.  They also focused on overlapping.  

Examples from this year's variation of analogous painted leaves and observational drawing. 
We focused on making 'super large' leaves this time around.

Oil Pastel Color Studies

I will post my beginning of the year projects next week hopefully.
However I thought I'd put a few pictures of some beginning of the year projects I did last year.
These are color studies that review the color wheels and rainbow order and how to make colors blend from one to another.
We started by tracing a circle that the students had to color in rainbow order.
Then we added on various types of lines and did some experiments other paper if they had extra time.
Originally we did them on grey construction paper but then I decided to have the kids do a wash of black tempera over the colors to create resists.