Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Farmland landscapes using perspective

I did this lesson with seventh graders, most of who have not learned anything about perspective drawing. This was a wonderful introduction to perspective drawing & landscapes. I would recommend it for 5th-7th grade. We did a 1 point perspective worksheet first. 
The use of soft pastel on colored construction paper is no fail.
I love setting the kids up with a project that is destined to look great. 

Students had to draw a landscape and include crop lines some how.
Tracing in sharpie before applying the pastel was optional. 

These were a few of the examples I showed the kids. If you'd like my entire slide show leave your email in the comments and I'll happily send it along to you.

There are so many great Van Gogh examples, you could easily tie it in with a Van Gogh lesson. 

Some more great finished products:


  1. Great project! The results the kids got are stunning! Thanks for sharing! :)

  2. Just beautiful! A couple of these remind me of the art of David Hockney.

  3. Could you send me your slideshow of examples please... thanks for this.

  4. I love these! A wonderful lesson.

  5. WOW these look amazing! Could you please send me your slideshow. I would love to try this with my class. Thanks :)