Monday, April 18, 2011

Incan Inti Masks

I used to do an Incan mask lesson adapted from Crayola using model magic, however due to my lower budget and being out of model magic I decided to change up my mask lesson and it was very successful.

The third graders study the Inca prior to their unit on Native Americans. They know a lot and are excited to share their knowledge with me and apply it to their art lesson.
We looked at various Incan representations of Inti the sun god and identified shapes and lines we recognize. We also discussed what the use of the semi-circle on the head could represent.

On 9 x 12 tag board- horizontal- the students traced half of a paper plate to create the large semi-circle shape. They chose wood pieces to represent parts of the face and ears and glued them down. 
Then they finished drawing designs and shapes with pencil and traced everything with black sharpie. 

Then next class the students cut out their mask. Then they painted with golds, and used metallic markers finish adding ornamentation. (I am very strict with the metallic markers, they are awesome- however I say they are only for small areas and lines - NOT for big spaces, paint is for big spaces, otherwise they die very quickly.)


  1. Wow These are really fun, I know what you mean about the metallic markers too I bring them out rarely and for "detail work" only. I like how sometimes the best creativity comes out of budget woes, these look great.

  2. You've been given the Versatile Blogger Award... check it out!

  3. Thanks for sharing - I can definitely use this!