Monday, April 25, 2011

Versatile Blogger Award!!

Holy Moly!!

Double Versatile blogger award (and a few new followers as a result, woo hoo)!

Thank you oodles and boodles Mrs. Hahn at Mini Matisse and Hannah at Art Paper Scissors.

I owe Mrs. Hahn an extra thank you for her great ATC package I received way too far back and a promise that your students will get one back asap! Unfortunately due to snow days, testing, a crazy schedule, and a tough year our ATC project keeps not working out as I would like.

A few things about me in no particular order:
- My nana just turned 90, my mom is about to turn 60, and I just turned 30--- it's a 30/60/90 year, crazy!
- I'm an author! I co-wrote a chapter in the book Teach Boldly! that was published last year.
- Two of my all time greatest mentors: Patty Bode and Margo Mensing - they are amazing educators, artists, and researchers... google them! (and if Patty is ever presenting at a convention or somewhere you are going to be- GO SEE HER! you will not regret it and you will instead be truly inspired!)
- After college I worked for an amazing company called e ko logic- an accessories company that makes all of its items out of recycled sweaters, I learned SO much about recycling fabric, color, and how to pick out cashmere sweaters in thrift stores.
- I spent 5 months in Ghana for my semester abroad in college almost 10 years ago- I have a serious love for West African art and culture- if you ever need resources, pictures, etc. do not hesitate to contact me!
- I just can't seem to give up waitressing.... hopefully by the end of the year.
- I love beets!... my boyfriend is obsessed with my love of beets (I love beet greens even more I think.) Here's a picture of this beet pesto/pasta sauce recipe I made a few weeks ago after a trip to the winter farmers market... yup, that's beautiful magenta pasta!

Blogs to check out:
Mrs. Brown - a fellow art teacher in my district! Amy is so amazingly dedicated to her web audience!
New City Arts -
   a good friend of mine teaches at this school and told me I HAD to check out this beautiful blog
All Things Paper - lots of good inspiration for projects
Art Enrichment - Danielle is a fellow Tufts University M.A.T. alum, her blog is pretty new so I figured  
   I'd give her some promotion
Art Explorium - another Massachusetts art teacher!
Jeanne Williamson - Jeanne often teaches and shows her work at the Danforth Museum of Art where I
  work, her fiber arts and mixed media work is fantastic and really interesting- her blog has a wealth of
  links to great artists

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  1. Thanks so much for including All Things Paper in your list - I'm thrilled to be in such fine company!