Monday, May 11, 2015

#RHSforNepal - Social media can be used for good!

Last week my middle school students created and learned about the significance of Tibetan prayer flags. After becoming educated about the severity of the earthquake in Nepal, they then created their own prayer flags. Instead of using the traditional colors for the fabric that represent the elements, the eighth grade decided what our bright colored fabrics would symbolize as a means for sending positive energy to the other side of the globe. The students chose to have our flag colors represent positive, tranquility, strength, healing, and empathy. Each student created a design, text, or image to represent this on their flag. At the end of the week, as a full middle school group we explored how social media campaigns can be used in positive and strong ways across the world. The kids were split into mixed grade groups and sent on a scavenger hunt around campus. They had to figure out the location by the clue and then take a photo with their group with a strand of the flags. Then we launched our own hashtag: #RHSforNepal ! 
Please help us spread RHS's moral support and expose others to the tragedy in Nepal by liking and sharing our instagram photos

I am including the google presentations I used for both of these activities. 

Intro to Prayer Flags can be found here
Social Media for good can be found here
(Both slide shows have two great and short videos linked on the second slide.)



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