Thursday, April 28, 2011

Braque & Britto ... post number 1

I began to map out a still life/observational drawing lesson inspired by Romero Britto, then I went to the Met in NYC about a month ago and had the most amazing discovery.... George Braque's "The Studio".

Braque's painting had the same use of outline and broken up space that Britto uses in his work. 
The craziest discovery- when I was doing research on the artists I found out that Braque died in 1963 and Britto was born in 1963-- how weird is that?!! 
"Braque and Britto"... the words just flow together so easily, it was meant to be!

The above images are slides from the power point I created to introduce my students to the work of Romero Britto, George Braque, still life art, and pop art. I will post the entire power point for use soon. 

I am in the middle of doing this project two ways with my fourth and fifth graders. We are almost finished and it has been really successful. 

**We began by doing CONTOUR drawings of three objects (a tall glass bottle, and two different pitchers).
Then the students traced them with black crayon. 

Version A (grade 4):
Students broke up the space in the BACKGROUND first - using the way Britto breaks up the space through out his pictures and filling in with patterns. We used black crayon to outline and Crayola Oil Slicks to fill it in. 

Version B (grade 5):
Students broke up the space throughout the entire composition and took overlapping of lines and spaces into consideration.
The students are filling in the OBJECTS FIRST. 
We are doing a study of analagous colors- 
and each object was filled in using one trio of analagous colors. 

Here is my analagous color chart-- my mantra is 
You'll never forget it...

Stay tuned as our project continues!!... :)


  1. Your students are demonstrating beautifully how to break their compositions; not an easy thing :)

    I like your analogous color chart.

  2. It's great to read how you are researching and structuring your lessons, most bloggers just post the finished results, but it's really fascinating to see the way that you not only teach the lesson but the research and background thought and planning you put into it. These are great!

  3. Thank you so much for thoughtful comments! The process of my thinking/inspiration/planning and my students' thinking is so important to me and I'm happy to hear its translating through my posts.

  4. I couldn't have said it better myself, artmuse! Rachel, you are a credit to our profession. I have a student teacher starting with me this fall and I will make it a priority for her to read your blog. I can't remember which blog I first learned about Britto (Mr. E?),but I'm sure glad I did. I will add your great projest here to my files. Thanks, and keep up the fabulous work with your students and this essential blog!

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