Friday, November 19, 2010

Monet's Garden at Giverny

The second graders looked at a handful of Monet's paintings of the gardens, pond, and bridge at Giverny.
After going through the book "Linnea in Monet's Garden" by Cristina Bjork we watched the movie version.  The video is great and really engaging for second graders, exactly 30 minutes.

For this project the children created bridges out of masking tape on white paper.  They used rubbing crayons over texture tiles to create a texture across the page reminiscent of the impressionist paintings.  On top of the rubbings the students added oil pastel and watercolor to create the garden.  The students were very excited to add in the details of Monet's garden - the bench, the boat, the trees and many flowers.

This one is a first grade version of the project that I think is just darling!


  1. Giverny village is lovely; Giverny Monet is the most admired cottage gardens. It’s worth the visit if you love visiting small villages and impressionism paintings. We loved the gardens very much especially the water garden, it was one of the most magnificent place we had ever been to. Standing on little villages you can see Claude Monet’s artwork. It was memorable trip for us.

  2. Wonderful art work! Have your kids seen the Monet Exposition online? Takes ages to load, but is interactive and well worth it.