Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Collaborative Tin Foil Installation

I worked with a guest artist who introduced this project during a family day program at the
Institute of Contemporary Art, Boston to go alongside an amazing show of work by Tara Donovan.  

Tara Donovan is a contemporary artist who creates beautiful, engulfing installations out of everyday materials like paper plates, styrofoam cups, mylar, pins, and others.  We created a tin foil circle installation in the museum's art lab.  I then did the project with two classes of fourth graders after showing them a slide show of Tara's work.  Each students was given strips of heavy-duty aluminum foil 1.5-3" wide.  They folded them and curved them into circular bubble shapes and attached them together.  We then went out in the hallway and pinned them up, each student taking a turn to attach their foil bubble shapes.  

** I also found this toilet paper roll wall installation on Design Sponge!

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