Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Getting ready for winter!

It's getting cold out already, some of my students have begun wearing gloves and hats.  I thought I'd start to put up some of my winter projects from last year.  This project is a great use for all those leftover scraps of felt, fabric, pom poms, yarn pieces-- and especially when they all end up mixed up in a bin ;)

The students traced around their hands to create a mitten shape.  I have them work with the person next to each so that they can get both hands on their successfully.  Then they designed a hat shape.
They watercolored with cool colors in the negative space around the mitten and hat shapes.
The next class when the watercolor was dry, the students glued fabric and other scraps in the empty spaces.  Some students used the 'random glueing' strategy, other students were very strategic with their placement and color selection.  I am really fine with either.
The final touch was white tempera and sparkle paint.  The students lightly dabbed the paint on with small sponges to create the illusion of frost or snow.

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  1. Hello there! I'm new to blogging (and teaching Art) and found my way on to your lovely site. You have such wonderful ideas for projects! Keep up the great work!