Tuesday, January 15, 2013

The return of the cylinder lesson! AND a new addition to it!

I just concluded another go at the infamous CYLINDER LESSON.

-which by the way was successful the second time around, making me very happy. :)

I have an addendum this year though- 
This time around I prefaced the lesson with a one day activity following our initial intro to 3-D forms. 
I taught the kinder students to DRAW a cylinder before they learned how to make them. 

We used Andy Warhol's soup can image (AND my lonesome single can I was able to acquire from Target) 
as our inspiration. The students designed their own soup cans after drawing their cylinder. They were super cute and the kids loved them. 

Yes you read that correctly.. "alphabet carrot ketchup nugget fries soup"

Here is the rundown of the timing of this two day project including 3-d cylinder making:

Day 1 (45 minutes):
Intro to 3-D forms-- 2-d shapes vs 3-d forms, what does it mean for something to be 3-D?, what does "dimensional" mean? Point out cylinders in the room.
Intro of Andy Warhol and soup can.
Demonstration of drawing a cylinder and turning it into a soup can and using bright colors like Warhol.
They finished them about 75%

Day 2 (45 minutes):
Intro to the actual 3-d version of the cylinder and review of 2-D vs. 3-D. 
Demonstrate how to make the cylinders using GLUE STICK and strips of paper. 
Each student aimed to make 10 and line them up in front of them. (took about 10-12 minutes).
Introduce 2-D Kandinsky Circles and 3-D Lee Gainer examples and compared. 
Demonstrate how to arrange the cylinders to all fit on a 6"x 6" base and dip in plates of elmers glue then place on to their square. 

Extra time- they finished coloring their soup can pictures (which worked out great).

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