Monday, January 7, 2013

Absence Apology and personal post

Whoa... I am sooooo behind. 
I apologize whole heartedly to all of you faithful readers and art ed bloggers. 
I have been so busy busy busy and then totally exhausted that 
somehow even winter break did not help me to catch up! 
I owe you footage of about 20 projects!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (It's coming I promise!)

Luckily some of the busy-ness is for good reason though. 

I launched my wedding watercolor etsy shop about 6 weeks ago
and am trying to build my website and figure out where I'm going with all of it.

The link to my etsy shop is here, check it out. :)

I was featured on two wedding blogs already as well!
Our wedding was featured on Style Me Pretty and some of my cards were on Wedding Chicks.

Anyway all I can say is - holy moly does every little thing take sooo much time to do and coordinate (making, photographing, writing, emails, graphics, cards, etc, etc, etc). I am amazed and in awe of all of you that run your own businesses. 
So here's to 2013 and hopefully a new successful venture for myself! 

Please send any newly engaged friends and family to my etsy site! I will have some more wonderful things popping up on there in the near future and hopefully an actual website by February. 

I will stop self-promoting and get some lessons up for you promptly though!
Happy new year!

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