Sunday, September 23, 2012

Two day transition: Shading to Perspective

We reviewed shading and making lights to mediums to darks flow
with both crayon and colored pencil last week. 

Before explaining perspective and delving in logistically  I developed this did this two day lesson  inspired by this Artsonia image I had pinned which was really successful! 

Pencils, black block crayons for rubbing, rulers, sharpies- that's it! 
In two days the students learned how to measure and use a ruler, create depth, learned more about Keith Haring, and reviewed figure drawing! Woo! 

Day one: Measure with ruler
Students had a practice manilla paper and real construction paper. 
This gave them four chances to get it right if they needed (2 sides, 2 papers)
which they appreciated.
Shading light to dark in each quadrant.

Day two: figure drawing review, viewed a short reel of Keith Haring videos I put together on youtube.
They had to do three practice figure drawing. 
Added on the figure and sharpied it in.

(The design at the top was so clever I could never have come up with this idea myself-
thank god for 10 year old minds!)

More images to come! 

Friday, September 21, 2012

so cute I had to post... reading self-portrait

I had to post these- They came out so cute. 
Our school has a school-wide initiative for veracious reading this year. 
I thought these would be the perfect start to it!
Self-portraits of the students reading their favorite books:

I bought a few packages of some skin tone paper to test out. 
It actually worked great. 

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Operation Collabor-nation

I usually start my school year with the theme of peace. 
I think it is really important for students to think about what the word means and I always teach the right way to make the peace symbol (not the mercedez logo). 
Some of my past projects are posted here.
This year with fifth and sixth grade I focused on friendship and understanding for each other's differences and backgrounds. I gave out slips of paper that said a language, countries the language is spoken in, and the word for friend in that language. 
For instance : "Hebrew - Israel - Chaver"

Each student got one that they did not know, most of which we looked up on the world map too. 
We learned that some of our students knew how to say the word friend in many languages too and where student's families are from (Senegal, Ethiopia, India, in addition to all over Central America!)

They filled out an info sheet that said:

__________________ is how you say friend in the language __________________.
__________________ is spoken in the following countries: _____________________.

Each student received a paper, folded it in half, and had to use the word for friend on the outside as the main part of the design. 
Their info sheet was glued on the inside.

Students knew this was part of a collaborative project and we discussed how artists can work collaboratively on one big piece all together, or can work on smaller pieces that will be put together as a greater whole (like this project)- and how every artist's effort will be noticeable and is important. 

We spelled friend in the hallway and the piece is interactive!
They are so proud of it. :)

**Some students who were done early did synonyms like 'pal', 'partner', etc. so that is why you may notice words like that in the pictures. 

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

I'm alive!!! (and a Mrs.)

Hello previously faithful followers! 
I am in fact alive. 
You may vaguely remember one of my few personal posts when we got engaged last December.
However, I just got married this past weekend!!!
Needless to say as multi-tasking-inclined as I may be , I didn't realize the extent of how my time would just vanish into thin air (well I did but I didn't want to believe it) 
- I have not even logged onto my blog since June!

I began this post last week and never finished it, now I'm married, ha! - better late than never.

So here is the sneak peak of the projects that were keeping me so busy this summer- I spent a lot of time painting in my Nana's backyard in Cape Cod, and made these crazy invitations all by myself..... tomorrow hopefully I will post some actual wedding pictures and what these crazy art projects were used for!

I will be back in the swing of posting actual school-related-art-room posts very soon I promise!