Sunday, September 23, 2012

Two day transition: Shading to Perspective

We reviewed shading and making lights to mediums to darks flow
with both crayon and colored pencil last week. 

Before explaining perspective and delving in logistically  I developed this did this two day lesson  inspired by this Artsonia image I had pinned which was really successful! 

Pencils, black block crayons for rubbing, rulers, sharpies- that's it! 
In two days the students learned how to measure and use a ruler, create depth, learned more about Keith Haring, and reviewed figure drawing! Woo! 

Day one: Measure with ruler
Students had a practice manilla paper and real construction paper. 
This gave them four chances to get it right if they needed (2 sides, 2 papers)
which they appreciated.
Shading light to dark in each quadrant.

Day two: figure drawing review, viewed a short reel of Keith Haring videos I put together on youtube.
They had to do three practice figure drawing. 
Added on the figure and sharpied it in.

(The design at the top was so clever I could never have come up with this idea myself-
thank god for 10 year old minds!)

More images to come! 


  1. Nice lesson with perspective, and a bit Keith Haring-ish too! I'll be following you with interest :)