Friday, September 21, 2012

so cute I had to post... reading self-portrait

I had to post these- They came out so cute. 
Our school has a school-wide initiative for veracious reading this year. 
I thought these would be the perfect start to it!
Self-portraits of the students reading their favorite books:

I bought a few packages of some skin tone paper to test out. 
It actually worked great. 


  1. These are great! What an awesome idea! This would be great for Love of Reading week also! They came out really cute! I love how their faces are just peaking over their books! :)

  2. Hi Rachel
    These are absolutely charming. Sounds perfect for second grade! I know the classroom teachers would love this art project as much as the students.

    Pinning it right now to my self-portrait board....

  3. Oh, they are adorable, Rachel! I love the literacy connection.

  4. They are indeed cute! Will try this lesson some time - thanks!