Thursday, November 1, 2012

Frida-inspired Portraits with First Grade

 First of all, this book is SO fantastic!
Frida by Jonah Winter
I would read it to elementary or even middle school students because the pictures are beautiful and the text is concise and well written, quickly hitting the big ideas students should be taking from Frida's life and work.

Moving on, following the reading self-portraits I decided while
we were in the groove to do self-portraits of the students whole faces too.
I took it as an opportunity to tie in an artist and have been itching to get to Frida!
The children get so invested when they learn about an artist's life it is truly worth the time to share the information. The kids were so invested in their pictures AND Frida. 

I approached her work as an artist this way:
Frida Kahlo was a sad person because she was in pain. She really enjoyed art so she painted to make herself feel better. She painted many self-portraits that included things that made her happy using her imagination since she often could not leave her bedroom or house. This is why we see animals, flowers, and vegetation in her images. 
What makes you happy?

Students drew self-portraits, used their appropriate skin color crayon, and added in things, places, and people that make them happy. These included many animals, pictures of family member, Six Flags (of course), flowers, and bright colors.

Did you know she had a pet deer?

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  1. I always love these types of self portraits, you learn so much about your students in the process. Thanks for the book title! :)Elizabeth