Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Triple word score!

 It's okay to share my personal momentous occasions with all of you art educators right?

Well- last night by the light of my magenta, turquoise, purple, and lime green decorated Christmas tree and on the first night of Hannukah my amazingly wonderful boyfriend proposed! Wahoo! I'm getting married!
I mean we had already been planning on it and I designed the ring- but still- he managed to surprise me by waiting in the pitch black living room for me to get home from work and now it's real! We never did actually light the menorah last night come to think of it.

I HAD to share my ring with y'all.... rose gold and the small stones are from my Nana's engagement ring placed with a new rock from Bob. Durable enough for an art teacher's hands (which was my main concern).

 *Bonus- today is my last day at school and I am off until January 4th- wahoo!
Wishing everyone a wonderful vacation week, wonderful, magical holidays, and a happy, healthy New Year!


  1. Congratulations! That is a creative way to propose.

  2. Congrats! What a wonderful time it must be for you!

  3. WOW!! So happy for you both!! (the ring is really gorgeous, too)

  4. Congratulations! Did he actually propose with a Scrabble board? Gorgeous ring; making sure the ring is art-teacher durable is a great idea. I had to have my ring re-made because it was not a good design for teaching.

  5. We are a BIG scrabble dueling couple. He actually psyched me out a scrabble game where I thought he would propose a few days before. He did not actually propose in the middle of a game but he did set up the board as part of the proposal. And specifically would not include "will you" because it did not fit appropriately. :)
    We are very excited- wedding updates to come for sure!