Monday, December 12, 2011

3-D paper sculpture

 My fifth graders (and then my first graders actually) went on a very successful field trip to the Institute for Contemporary Art in Boston with me recently. We had a wonderful trip- my kids blew me away with their ideas and interpretations and use of vocabulary! The lobby of the ICA currently houses a large mural by Swoon. There are amazing intricate paper cut stencils streaming from the mural across the ceiling as well. 
 This lesson was a one session group project that was a follow-up from their Stencil and Spheres oil pastel project. The students used the SAME STENCILS that they used for tracing and overlapping in their previous project. This time though they traced the stencils and cut out the pieces. 
Each table was given either all warm or all cool colored materials. The group could use anything that was on the table and divide up the process and responsibilities as they wished. 
The only requirement was that all the pieces must be attached into one collaborative and 3-dimensional piece when they were finished. 
 The students worked really well together, dove right in, and made really interesting pieces. My first class made really abstract pieces and my second group made really literal ones- so funny how that happens. 

They are really colorful in our stairwell window (but hard to photograph)!

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