Saturday, December 10, 2011

Mountainous Sunrise (or Sunset)

First grade mountain landscape collages!
I based this lesson off of one I did last year with second grade 
but I love the sunsets and sunrises we added in this time.
1. We discussed what mountains "really" look like like (instead of triangle mountains).
The kids cut a mountain horizon out of grey construction paper and dapped white paint for snow caps. 
2. The kids are studying liquids and solids in their science curriculum.  
We did glue drawings of a setting or rising sun with extended sun rays. This was a great connection because of the liquid glue turning into a solid and a textured drawing.

3. We drew with yellow marker first...

then painted with water first and added on warm color water colors (yellow-orange, orange, red).

 4. We put them together! Then we added on a strip of brown construction paper at the bottom and strips of green tissue paper. 

I think we might add on another element next week before we call them "finished" but I wanted to share because they are so beautiful and the kids are so excited!


  1. Ahhhh! Such a beautiful sunrise/sunset. Makes me long for summer!

  2. i love the color combinations in these. i may try something like this with my class. thanks!