Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Intro to color, collage, resist, & 3-D FISH

Kindergarten under water adventures with watercolor, oil pastel, shapes, warm/cool, 
resist, and 3-dimensions. 

First off... texture rubbings and watercolor resists to create our oceans. 
(However we used blue and turquoise tempera cakes.)

After we read Fish Eyes by Lois Ehlert the students drew a fish using shapes. 
Then we learned about warm colors and oil pastels and colored the fish in 'carefully'. 

The next day we read I'm the Biggest Thing inthe Ocean. 
I taught the kids how to draw a crab by breaking it down into shapes- they did awesome! 
The crab drawings are hilarious. 

The last part of this project was like my Octopus lesson. I taught the K's how to roll paper around a pencil to create a spiral and curly line. We added on 3-D seaweed. 
(We did this seaweed as our intro to 3-D then we followed it up with the cylinder lesson.)

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