Monday, September 26, 2011

3-D Cylinder Class Collaboration

First of all--- Thank you Zamorano!!

I had also saved this image of Lee Gainer's work a while back. 
But your cylinder post was perfectly timed!

I showed the students the image of Kandinsky's circles and then three examples of Gainer's 3-D work. It was the perfect comparison of 2-D vs. 3-D and circles within circles. 
I used this lesson as an introduction to 3-Dimensional and to 3-D forms. 
Each K & 1st grader made their own 6 inch square. I have them for half hour blocks. We did this for two days, which I highly recommend because sometimes its just really nice for the students to be able to practice a specific skill the following day, jump right in, and be more productive. 
(The second day the students added a border on to start.)
Each class will have a collaborative 3-D piece that hangs outside their classroom! 
(I'll photograph the hall tomorrow when I hang them!)

My students have named these "Cylinder Cities" :)


  1. I like the way you made this project manageable for little ones!

  2. Yeah!
    Glad you did the project. Funny about the cities concept. I heard that alot too and it never occurred to me when I was planning the project:)
    I like your tie in to both Kandinsky and Gainer.