Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Self-Portraits... of feet!

My fifth graders have been working hard on their observational drawing skills this year. I decided to do a self-portrait lesson with a twist after getting inspiration from these photos!

I took this photo one day and then came across these a week or two later:

The first day of this fifth grade lesson we discussed 'self-portraits' and 'portraits' and then discussed how something can be a self-portrait without being an actual picture or drawing of yourself. 

The first day task was for my students to draw their feet as they looked down. 
We discussed how the leg/pants would get smaller and more narrow as it got closer to the foot. 
Then they used their contour drawing skills to draw their shoes. 

Day two the task was to somehow incorporate their favorite book and their favorite snack. 
Some of my kids even thought outside the box and included books they had written in school, a text book of their favorite subject, or had the book open to their favorite chapter. 

After that the students could add in other things that they thought represented them. They used colored pencil and watercolor to add color. 
They are not quite finished but I thought I'd share them. 
(did you check out the madras pants?!)

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