Tuesday, May 24, 2011

oh heck... i'll add one more version! Britto post #3.

I have one fifth grade class I see for only one half hour a week, I travel to the classroom, there is no sink.
So basically when you count that out- in 30 minutes- with the three minutes it take the kids from the other class to come in, the two minutes it take the students to actually clear off their desks, and one more minute to get settled... we're looking at 24 minutes. Then add on me actually introducing the lesson??!....(you know so the kids actually know what the they're supposed to be doing for the time they have left)... add on another 5 minutes- give or take 3 minutes for my demonstration and 3-5 minutes for my kids to actually get their materials and put their bums in the chairs... we're looking at 15 minutes left.... oh right..... AND we need be cleaned up by the end of 30 minutes too.
So that's 10 minutes of work time. once a week. (if i'm lucky due to testing and school play rehearsals and whatnot.)

As I've said before I am VERY strategic about figuring out what my priorities for objectives to be completed and concepts to be grasped are when time is so precious.

So here we are... my other fifth graders completed the extended Britto/Braque lesson but what do I want this class to be able to get out the lesson with such a limited amount of time?...

I decided to focus on:
Class 1: Observational and Contour drawing.
   Each student did a practice drawing and a real drawing of ONE objet, then traced with black crayon.
   (Also add on a "table line" if they remember to.)
Class 2: Break up the space and Analagous Colors.
   Each student drew lines to break up the space of the object a la Britto, traced in crayon, painted in with
   an analagous set of tempera paints (pre-mixed by me).
Class 3: Break up the background.
   Students used pencil and white craypa to to break up the background- then they used only BLACK
   water color to paint different shades of gray.

These came out great! (I can't believe it!)

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  1. These turned out great!! Pretty brave of you to break out paints in someone else's room and in so little time!!