Tuesday, May 10, 2011

advanced version of Sol Lewitt continuous line lesson

I led an adapted version of the continuous line lesson I did based on Sol Lewitt's wall drawings a little while back. This one was for a small group of students in an afterschool painting class. 
Each student drew a line in crayon touch two sides on four square papers (6x6).
Then painted contour lines to practice our paintbrush and watercolor control.

We made large backgrounds...

then put them all together!

Also check out Christie's version of bold lines on Fine Lines!


  1. Wow! So simple, yet so beautiful. My kind of art project! I like your style and your blog.

  2. I love this version, Rachel. Having the 4 little pieces run off the edge of the background piece really makes you stop and look carefully to figure out how the overall art is done!

  3. very cool! i love how you break the boundaries of the larger rectangle with the placement of the smaller squares. great energy to these.

  4. I've been directed to your site by "fine Lines". She is a few comment above me. She has taken a version of this lesson. It's great to see how teacher adapt lessons. Thanks for posting.