Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Symmetry Unit

I am concluding my Symmetry unit with second grade right now. I am loving the final project we're working on. It isn't finished yet but I thought I would share where we're at. 

Lesson 1: This goes with along with the fun book "Flyaway Katie" by Polly Dunbar. It has fantastic illustrations and inspired this lesson for me. 
Each student folded their paper in half and drew a person or creature in the middle with pencil. 
I came around and dotted everyone's paper with yellow, orange, and red tempera- which also doubled as a color mixing experiement. Then everyone squished their paper together to create paint blot symmetry.
Day two students drew around the dried paint to create wing shapes. Using marker we added lots of details inspired by the book illustrations.

Lesson 2: Symmetrical masks with Tiki inspiration
Students drew with white and black crayon to begin with. 
I did this as a verbal follow-along lesson to begin with. 
I would say "Add two wavy lines to one side, so four lines total.", 
"Add three squares, 6 squares total.", etc.
Then the students folded the paper in half, cut out a mouth shape, cut around the face, and added marker. 

Lesson 3: Symmetrical Vase collages ... soon to hold DAFFODILS!
Students used their expertise in symmetry to cut vase shapes. 
(sidenote: I found a ton of great picture examples of symmetrical vase/lamp/bowl objects in the 
Anthropologie catalog that is currently out.)
I decided this would be a great project to make use of all the painted scraps I hoard when they are too pretty to toss in the recycle bin. The students collaged the vases with horizontal strips of scrap painted papers. 
Next week- Daffodils will be added! Stay tuned!

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