Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Chihuly display is up!

I wanted to share my finished display for the Chihuly lesson I just finished up with my fifth graders and posted the beginnings and middles of the other day.

I'm very proud of it!

There is an incredible wealth of information that can go along with this lesson (especially because glass art and glass blowing are so foreign to my students). I tried my best to give a brief bio of Chihuly, color theory, our artistic process, and the process of glass blowing. 
I knew there would be a lot of GREAT questions posed by observers so I anticipated some of them and included some Q & A cards in the garden of macchias:
Why does Mr. Chihuly wear an eye patch?
Why is the artistic process called "glass blowing"?
Where do people learn how to make artwork using glass?
Does he make all of his glass sculptures by himself?
What are Macchias and where does Mr. Chihuly get his ideas from?
Can I see Mr. Chihuly's artwork anywhere in Massachusetts?


  1. Beautiful display.

    I love how you tied the Art history lesson with the art project.

  2. My mentor teacher actually did a Chihuly lesson also! But she got heat guns/embossing guns and plastic bottles, melted and twisted them and then painted them with bright colored acrylic paint mixed with gloss medium. It's a really cool effect!

    Your display is beautiful. Gotta love the soft tissue paper look that really does resemble some of the glass flowers Chihuly makes.