Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Daffodils! (and symmetrical vases)

My second graders finished up their symmetrical vases that I posted the beginnings of by drawing daffodils on watercolored yellow paper, and glueing them to a white background paper.
We did an observational drawing lesson with the daffodils.
I like to make the connection between daffodils head-on and profile views to head-on and profile views of people. We discuss points of view and identify the different shapes we see in the flowers before drawing. They came out really nice!

More Daffodils! :

The kindergarteners also participated in a lesson about points of view with the daffodils.
I built on my daffodil lesson from last year- each kindergartener needed to include at least three profile views and three head-on. They did a really good job, they are really sweet pictures.
The greens are various shades of green crayons, oil pastels for the yellow, white construction crayons for up in the sky and liquid blue watercolor for the sky painting.

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