Monday, December 8, 2014

quick winter printmaking project for artsonia

My middle school has joined Artsonia this year. It has been going really well. 
I felt I needed to post a winter themed project for my parents. 
I did a quick printmaking project with 6th, 7th, and 8th grade, using 5 x 7 styrofoam.
The theme was snowpeople. 

6th grade had a choice of:
-included a border 
-having a larger snowperson in the foreground and a hill or landscape background 
(see top row below)

7th grade:
I encouraged to draw one or more snowmen from a worm's perspective. For the kids that chose to follow my strong suggestion they came out really great. Some of the kids did other spins on the idea. 

8th grade: 
These guys have done styrofoam printing with me. I showed them some inspiration examples of different scenes and snowmen illustrations and they could design as they liked. 
(shown in the title image) 

Some of my parents ordered holiday cards and ornaments with the prints which was my hope! 
View the full gallery here

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