Thursday, October 30, 2014

Oil pastel figure lesson differentiated for High School

  A little while back I posted a successful middle school lesson
I did using oil pastels and wood figures. 
The high school art teacher I work with recently used the lesson with her Drawing and Painting I class. The high school students used white 18 x 24 paper (I used 12 x 18 with middle school) and made them really big. The added challenge was to include a complementary color background to make the figures really pop. They are awesome!

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  1. I teach an Art 1 class (mostly Freshmen that have never had an art class) I'm wondering when would you recommend doing a project like this? I usually start with a line project, then something that teaches shape and value then color. I'm thinking that this would be great as a 3rd project right after I introduce color but before doing my color wheel painting project...any suggestions would be great??
    Love your blog and going to be using some of your projects!!!