Wednesday, February 5, 2014

I'm back! many projects are on the way... scratch art playing card portraits in this post

Well, it has been an embarrassingly long time since I last posted.
I feel guilty but it has been one of those things where the longer you put it off the longer it takes to face it again. Reason #1- I have switched jobs yet again... and moved... and become a home-owner. So I have been BUSSSYYYY and constantly trying to catch up on life. Reason #2- is that my side business creating painted & calligraphed seating cards and other wedding paper goods Strawberry Small Works Studio has been going well and any spare second I have I put towards that right now, and thus, this blog has suffered.

But, I love my new job and our new life in Rhode Island. We are hoping we are here for the long haul. I'm now teaching middle school and high school. So to my elementary-teaching followers my darling kinder and little ones lessons I am producing much less of and I apologize. However, I am VERY excited about the deeper projects I am now able to do with 6th-9th grade. I will try to post the scope of my projects from this year so far sooner rather than later. I'm still doing a handful of community based projects and work at museums so keep staying tuned.

Here is a taste of what I've been up to:

Playing Card Portraits

These were done with 7th grade. We made our own scratchboard by painting with tempera over clay coated paper I had hanging around. They had to include a portrait and set up their design so it matched up when they flipped the paper around.

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  1. so great...i have the kids I work with do scratch cards all the time but we always end up doodling on the cards..this project is a great focus. thanks!