Tuesday, April 9, 2013

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frida kahlo

I attended the Hello Etsy! conference a few weeks back at Pratt in Brooklyn.
(As some of you may know I have recently launched a watercolor wedding stationery business called Strawberry Small Works Studio and have been selling on Etsy.)

In the bathroom I noticed a woman with a bag that said "Snack Mountain" on it- a branded name and concept my good friend from college pioneered for her senior thesis she still has in action. If you are looking for a few entertaining videos or more contemporary imagery to show alongside Claes Oldenberg food sculptures for a lesson definitely check out her work:

But back to my story---
the woman I met happened to be friends with my friend Lauren and has started a company called Late Greats. Chen is awesome and has a website and etsy store where she sells her hand-made stuffed historical figures.How fun!
Why wouldn't you want Frida or Pablo hanging out in your classroom?? Or better yet waiting for you atop your bed and throw pillows when you get home?
Check it out:
website: http://www.lategreats.com/
etsy: https://www.etsy.com/shop/lategreats

pablo picasso

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