Thursday, October 25, 2012

Color - Positivity - Inspiration

I wanted to share some sources of inspiration I'm working with at the moment that you all might be interested in! All of these things promote hope, positivity, and celebrations for the world we live in and humanity, which I (and you might) really appreciate as we are being bombarded by never-ending negative campaign ads for still two more weeks.

First of all I finally looked through and read "Awesome Book of Thanks" by Dallas Clayton today.
It is pretty fantastic. I think I'm going to read it to everyone in the school next month and base a pre-thanksgiving lesson on it. The watercolor & drawn illustrations are great. (Mr. Masse at Zamorano I have a funny feeling you especially will dig them.)

Next-- I am lucky enough to have worked at the Institute for Contemporary Art, Boston for the past six years- there is a fantastic show there -Os Gemeos- who I have had my eye on for years. They are identical twins from Brazil who work together and are phenomenal examples of street art that is positive and FOR the public, I will elaborate on this in posts to come.
I went to an amazing gallery talk given by the curator of the show this past weekend and am taking my sixth graders on a field trip to see it in two weeks and I'm putting together a pre-visit powerpoint overfilled with info and context. I will share some of my insight with you as I get a little further along and collect my thoughts. BUT - just google their work for a second so you can get the colorful gist of it...

To go along with Os Gemeos- I came across Pikaland today and this really interesting post on a public artist in Detroit - the Heidelberg Project. Again, public art that is for promoting ART and positivity in the world.

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