Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Autumn leaves, stencils, and color study

I challenged my second graders to draw oak and maple leaves rather than simpler types of leaves- because I knew they could. :)
They complained and there were some tears- and some discussions about how things from nature have 'weird' shapes that will never right- but in the end they did an awesome job!
We turned their leaves into stencils to use for their final product. 
Then we moved on to foreground and background
THEN we moved on to analogous colors. 

(if you want more info on one of my analogous color teaching strategies click here,
if you want to see more of my past leaf and autumn color lessons click on the labels to the right)

 The two analogous color groupings we used were yellow/yellow-green/green and yellow/yellow-orange/orange. 
The leaves we sprinkled salt on for a little added effect. 

For the follow up to this lesson to drive in the analagous color study we are drawing grapevines
and painting with red-violet, violet, blue-violet. 
They aren't done yet but here it is in-progress:

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