Thursday, February 9, 2012

Recycled Paper Kente Cloth

We are working on our follow up weaving lesson
I just had to share a few peeks because they are so pretty and cheerful. 
We have been learning about Kente Cloth, and I happened to have studied abroad in Ghana so I have a couple cloths. We made strips of Kente Cloth using paper that we first painted patterns with tempera cakes. 
Then wove both ends using newspaper we had painted with tempera paint and I cut into strips.  
We "don't do holidays" at my school so this was a great and meaningful way for me to get some hearts and pink into the mix this week. I'm going to roll them up with a string and send them home on Monday.
Today I tested out the TP roll-->heart stamper trick and it worked great!
More info and pictures of the steps to come later tonight and tomorrow.

 If you teach about Kente Cloth this book is my favorite
and the information, names, places, are all very accurate.
I highly recommend it and the kids love the story!

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