Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Sakura contest?

Good morning bloggy art teachers!
So I have to admit I am intrigued and considering submitting
student work for the Sakura Cray-pa Contest. 
However, you do not get the work back.
And SERIOUSLY, I do not think I am being ridiculous in thinking this but I have looked through some of the winning and honorable mention art work from years past- and the peacock image above and the tooth image below are from the K/1/2 category and the horse is from the 3/4/5. Don't get me wrong- they are beautiful works of art! However, for real?
I think I am a great teacher I really do and I do not sell my kids short- they are doing great things and I am making waves with them and taught lots of private and semi-private lessons with some overachieving and talented students- but really? Look at the shading, color blending, and attention to detail.
My new 5th graders were having a hard enough time shading spheres this morning... this contest seems a bit skewed.
Is it worth me submitting my students work with NO RETURN... ?
Have any of you submitted work ?


  1. I am generally done with entering contests, unless they are local. What's the point of sending off all those artworks when the chance of winning is so slim. The kids get disappointed when they don't win and half the time you don't hear anything back anyway. I agree, the winning ones from Sakura are like "what??" We did that duck contest one year and ours were so stinkin' awesome I thought for sure they would win. But nope.

  2. That tooth picture creeps me out.......I agree with Marcia, only submit to local contests and you have a higher percentage of winning entries.