Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Pink Piggies

Kindergarten Pink Piggies!
for the pig inspiration!
I had pinned Laura's front facing pig lesson and it was the perfect cap to our farm-related lessons in kindergarten. 

I had the students trace a small circle for the snout 
and then we worked outward from there to draw the pigs. 
Most of the kids drew a baby piglet from the front OR side as well- some mud and filled in the sky with rubbing crayons. 
They are so fun!

Today was PINK day! 
A perfect introduction to color tints. 
And if you usually get the "but pink is for girls!" response from the kiddos
this book is great:
Pink Me Up by Cherise Mericle Harper

Despite any apprehensions to pink though- the automatic response to mixing "a little red with a blob of white" is "oh my god PINK!".

 We also printed with cardboard strips dipped in green tempera paint to add some grass. 


  1. These are so adorable! And you're right, kids get so excited when they discover how to mix colors (and tints).

  2. Thanks for sharing this lesson! We created similar pink pigs, then added QR code stories to make a hallway listening gallery.