Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Fundred video resources

I am in the middle of doing the Fundred Dollar Bill Project with my fifth graders. They recently studied currency in social studies and I want to do a money design lesson with them to cross the social studies-art connection and also to round out our study of symbols. This lesson was a good bridge to my large money design lesson I'll start next week. At my new school I have access to a projector, reliable internet, AND youtube!!! So I decided to show a few videos to explain the project better, quickly, and concisely. These were the three links I ended up using and the kids found them really helpful. I debated showing a 2 minute video about lead poisoning but I couldn't find one I thought was appropriate and worthwhile enough so I just explained it a little bit more after the videos. I decided not to show Mel Chin's NAEA presentation because I thought I might lose the kids as they watched it- the Fox news cast though (who knew?) was actually very informative and showed Mel Chin.
For anyone else considering doing this project check out these videos - especially Ashby's!!

 -Ashby an audience capturing Maryland art teacher
-Fox News Cast of Paydirt/Fundred
-George Jackson Academy students


  1. My students participated in the fundred project over a year and a half ago, after Mel Chin and cohort made an appearance at our statewide conference and did a really fun presentation that culminated with phony security guards etc as they received fundreds from around NY state. At that time, the culmination of the project was supposed to take place that spring. It was very anticlimactic/disappointing that it didn't happen - I would check the website and nothing seemed to change. It was very hard to explain to my young kids what had happened with the fundreds they designed when things didn't happen as I had told them they would. I stopped receiving any sort of email updates over a year ago so I presumed the project was dead in the water. So it was a big surprise to see this post of yours!

  2. I wasn't sure either actually, but in the recent October School Arts there was an article about it in the organization updates section so I looked back into it. Thanks for your viewpoint though, it's definitely very helpful to hear!

  3. Aah, School Arts. I got it for years, but after a while it seemed all the projects were starting to repeat themselves, so I gave up the subscription. I guess I should keep up with it.