Monday, August 15, 2011

many new beginnings

Phew! ... well I apologize to all of my followers!

(my new door)

I had a very crazy end of my 2010-2011 school year- which included interviewing for new jobs, leaving my school of five years, a student of mine being killed in a car crash, packing up, and a whirlwind of other things- followed by some big projects this summer.

One day I will finally post how I orchestrated the planting of an awesome colorful garden from conception to completion in 48 hours in memory of my student.

On a totally different note though- I just had my first day of classes at my new school! once again... phew!
I am very excited to be a founding teacher at Brooke 2 Charter School in Boston (part of the Edward W. Brooke Charter School network).
It is an amazing place to work- complete communication and collaboration among the staff, a school wide behavior management system, and a great staff of teachers. I now have an art room! Hooray- after four years of traveling- I now have windows, and tables, and a desk!
I started with literally nothing, so its taking some time to build up but I am getting there!
Thank you to all of you wonderful teacher who have been posting pictures of your rooms, organizational systems, bulletin boards and signs, etc. I love the inspiration and guidance.

Here is my rainbow color coded collection of art works I am very proud of! 
(it was difficult to photograph)

Some of my classroom systems:
My rug- with happy face stickers for each seat- and color coded small pieces of tape around the edge (so the kids sitting on the yellow line can move to the yellow pieces to make a circle, and so on)

This is a strategy a friend suggested from her school. I am using it in the art room, we also use it in the hall, and gym. 
The clip on the left is for "where we should be" and the clip on the right is for "where we are". 

My first project and way to "buy in" the student is going to be to put each students name on the "I am an art explorer" wall. 
It lists phrases such as "We are going to learn about artists", "We are going to investigate works of art", 
"We are going to experiment with many materials and techniques".

A board of artworks that feature Primary Colors:

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