Monday, August 22, 2011

5 Great Artist Examples for creative use of LINE

I always begin my school year by reviewing lines with every grade- so we all use the same vocab.

This year I am basing my first fifth grade lesson on Zamorano's Supermundane lesson. (Thank you for the inspiration!)

However I have extended beyond Supermundane- the first lesson I am focusing on him
AND Keith Haring.

We looked at the use of line, filling up space, and how the designs GROWS outward.
See the construction paper crayon on black paper examples below... (they will be put up on my "I am an Art Explorer" Wall.

I am going from there to introducing artists who fill the empty space of drawings IN with lines.
Nigel Peake... an amazing illustrator from England
Durga Bai... an amazing female illustrator from India

and Roy Lichtenstein

I will report back after our next project tomorrow! 
and with my K/1 line projects!

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  1. very cool! i like how you combined the work of super & haring into one lesson. and i LOVE the work of Nigel Peake!