Monday, February 21, 2011

Fifth grade tested and approved... underwater watercolors

A while back I posted an underwater watercolor lesson that I did with middle school students over the summer. 
Recently I did the lesson with one of my fifth grade classes.  It took about 5 30-minutes classes. We used foam brushes dipped in two hues of green for the seaweed and fluffy brushes for blue washes. I also decided to have the students use watercolor colored pencils for the fish instead of watercolors due to my lack of tiny brushes and lack of time. We did a few practice fishies before we drew them on to the backgrounds though. The watercolor pencils gave the kids some good practice in color blending, adding layers, and drawing small details.
I think they were a great success!

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  1. Lovely results! My favourite is the 3rd one. Maybe because there is a turtle or maybe because not all the creatures are visible completely! I think my 7th graders with learning difficulties will love this one too. Maybe I'll try this in May of June! Thanks for sharing!