Monday, January 10, 2011

Winter Mittens!

Pairs of mittens!

These mittens have taken over my desk and school but they are adorable so I guess that's what matters. 
I have done this project before another way.  The media can be adapted a ton of ways. 
This year the first part of the project was a practice in careful watercolor painting.  
First the kids drew a few lines with white crayon (for  a little "magic" resist effect with the paint.)
The students painted wavy lines carefully across the paper ... 
without mixing colors or using black or brown. 
They all came out really nice.  I did another watercolor project the following week and the kids really applied their "careful painting" techniques!

During the next class the students did crayon texture rubbings on the back and cut out mittens.  I stapled yarn to them so they would be attached.  They are now hanging all around the school!

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  1. This activity would go great with the story The Mitten by Jan Brett. It is what I thought of when I saw them!