Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Snowmen Paper Collages

Mystery Solved!... Laura from Painted Paper informed me it was her image :)
I saved this image from 
last winter and was inspired for this  fantastic snowman collage project!
I loved how this lesson focused on encouraging the students to consider point of view.  We discussed the difference between head-on and profile and what happens when you're looking at some one turned only part-way.  
I also liked how the compositions cropped in on the snowman rather than stick the snowman in the middle, pushing the kids to think differently about composition and editing.

The artists first filled in the snow part with ripped white paper.  Then cut out hats with black construction paper, added buttons, and we used the leftover orange paper from the Winter Wonderland lesson for the noses.  
Most of the students practiced making AB patterns with on their scarves.  
And last but not least we used mat board scraps for stamping white tempera paint to make some snowflakes in the background. 

I am adding on the version of this I did this year... I have less class time this year so the students painted the snowballs first with white tempera.  Instead of paper collage for the details we used oil pastels but still concentrated on the 3/4 view of the snowman's face vs. profile or head on.

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  1. Thanks! That was from my Happy New Year post. Glad you could use it! Love when we can share lessons :)