Thursday, December 9, 2010

Abstracted Plants with Watercolor

This project began with the students choosing one color for a base wash on their paper. 

Then we switched into observational drawing gear. 
The students did a number of contour, blind contour, and line drawings zooming in and out. 
I had them choose one part of a contour drawing to create a stencil out of.  They used this stencil to trace the plant shape on to their wash paper a number of times.  The stipulation was that it had to touch a side so that it gave the illusion of growing from somewhere. 

The students colored in the plant contours with black sharpie, black crayon, black craypa, and white craypa.  Then they added on patterns and deeper hues using analogous colors that related to their initial wash color choice.  


  1. Nice work - reminds me of some aspects of what I've done with grades 5 and 6 lately - the blind contour practice really helps, I find.
    Grade 5 did silhouettes on abstract backgrounds. The backgrounds were created by splattering, sponging, texture effects created using crumpled paper, and marbling. The silhouettes were created by cutting the shape (after drawing out a few silhouette ideas first, and then choosing the most effective) from black sparkly paper that someone had donated.

    1. or they could simply paint the silhouette black, or in fact any colour