Monday, May 31, 2010

Van Gogh Sunflowers

Van Gogh... Sunflowers... Symmetry... Shadows... I loved this project!

Step 1: Drawing and Painting the Sunflowers
The painting part of this project was also a color mixing lesson. The students painted the petals first- yellow tempera, then mixed orange with yellow and red for the middle of the flowers, then yellow and blue mixed for green stems.  I had the kids mix the paint right on the paper.

Step 2: Trace the flowers with black sharpie and add on "Van Gogh - esque" details.  Cut out the flowers and stems.

Step 3: Symmetrical Vases
The students cut out symmetrical shape vases and colored them with oil pastels to make a pattern.  I taped the stems to them to make them look like the flowers were in the vase.

Step 4: Shadows
The 2nd graders had been studying shadows.  We traced the flowers and vase and then filled in the outline with black crayon rubbing .  We drew a table line and glued the flowers down a little to the side of the shadow to create the illusion of a shadow on the wall behind.

Step 5: Painting the table and wallpaper.

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