Thursday, February 12, 2015

mid year middle school art show

Last week I put on a mid-year art show just for middle school. This is the my second year at this school (the school is PK-12, I teach 6, 7, 8). My first year I hoarded all of my students work until the art show at the end of the year because that was the departing teacher told me to do.  Going into this year I had a better grasp of how much the kids would actually produce (more than I anticipated) and how much work I would need at the end of the year all-school show. The other thing I realized was that the parents basically forgot the kids even took art until the end of the year. This year I took on some new initiatives to make my art program more visible to parents and the campus:
-I have implemented Artsonia... it is awesome. 
-I sent home a couple pieces of artwork with each child before Christmas. 
-I held a middle school only art show in February in the middle school building.

Here is the breakdown of the art show projects. 
Our theme was LIGHT. 

Grade 6: 

 Acrylic Lighthouse Paintings on small canvases
inspired by Edward Hopper

Grade 7:

Lamps and Light Fixtures
 Acrylic paintings on small canvases
Inspired by the Rumi quote,
"The lamps are different but the light is the same."

 Interior Spaces using 1 point perspective

Grade 8:

Students completed the sentence "Let light shine on _____ because _____." 
They had to choose an issue in the world of importance and should have more light shine on it. They chose a symbolic image to represent the concept.  

In a different room I had a "Special Exhibition" of 8th grade art. 
These were geometric relief sculptures the students worked very hard on.
It was really nice to be able to highlight their hard work and make the 8th grade feel special. 

Detailed posts of the projects will be up asap!!

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