Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Apply this week!

The Power of Art
at the Lab School of Washington
put on by the amazing Robert Rauschenberg Foundation. 

Did you know Robert Rauschenberg was dyslexic?
As were many other famous and important artists. 
This program is dedicated to the power that art education has on different types of learners. 

The deadline for applications to this program is this weekend, however if you can get your materials together I HIGHLY recommend sending in an application! ...
"You nevah evah know!" as one my favorite mother-figures would always say.

I had the honor of attending this two years ago and it was the most incredible experience. It was the most appreciated I have ever felt for the work that I do. 
Here is a post I did after I attended (and I'm just realizing I never really posted the full amount of awesomeness and resources I experienced).

Information and the application can be found here.
Feel free to ask me any questions!

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