Monday, March 26, 2012

D.C. here I come!

I got some fantastic news today!
I am one of the 32 art teachers from 19 states selected for the Lab School of Washington's Power of Art workshop generously supported by the Rauschenberg Foundation!
(and my airfare for this professional development opportunity 
generously supported by Brooke Charter Schools where I work)
So I am off to Washington D.C. at the end of April
 for what I am anticipating to be an amazing experience
focused on teaching students with learning disabilities
and led by Christopher Rauschenberg son of Robert Rauschenberg (one of my fav artists as well) - wahoo! So excited- I just had to share. :)

(... thankfully the best Monday I've had in a while, it's been a little tough lately)


  1. Congratulations, Rachel! Have an awesome experience in DC and be sure to share everything on your blog!


  2. Fantastic! WOW! Be sure to tell us all about it!!!

  3. Awesome! Have fun with this wonderful experience!

  4. That is amazing! Congratulations. Enjoy every minute!