Monday, June 6, 2011

Camouflaged Butterflies on Flowers (version 2)

(This is a simplified version of my butterfly/flower/leaf post from last night.)

 The first two parts of the project were for each second grader to trace the pedal shape at least 6 times and also to trace the butterfly wing twice. I wrote a "1" and "2" on the alternate sides so the students made sure to have two opposite wings. 

The other side of the traced paper:
 Each table of students had a set of analagous color watercolors. They painted the entire paper with them over either blue or red twistable swirls. 

After they cut them all out they glued them on to green square paper to make their flowers.

 I hot glued cardboard pieces on the art work before class:

 The students drew the body of the butterfly, cut it out, and added pen to the wings. I gave them each a piece of tape to attach the three parts together. 
Then the students glue-sticked the butterfly over the cardboard. 

and tad-dah... popped up butterflies! The kids love them!

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